Cramps T-Shirts

Many thanks to Bron, Dirk, Mizz Kizz, Sherman, Hope, and others from the Stay Sick! list for their contributions to this effort. These shirts are not for sale and I don't know where one can find them. Hopefully there will be official Cramps merchandise available on their web site soon.
Probably the best place to find t-shirts and other official Cramps merchandise is to get out and see them live.

                                             Big Beat from Badsville Tour                                Bikini Girls with                          Halloween Ball
                                                                                                                              Machine Guns                                     1996
                                                                                 1992 Tour                                                       Probably unofficial
                                               With cool glow in the dark eyeball logo on back
                                                           A Date with                                                                          Fiends of Dope Island
                                                         Elvis Tour - 1986                                                                       probably unofficial
                                                Fiends of Dope Island Tour                                                    God Monster - Fall 1997 Tour
                                                   "Free Shave" official                                                I especially like to wear this one on Sundays
                               Flamejob Tour                      probably unofficial                                    How To Make A Monster
                         actually long-sleeved                                                                                                  2004 Tour
                                                           Look Mom                                                                                   Stay Sick
                                                  No Head Tour - 1991                                                                          Tour - 1990
                                     Look Mom No Head Tour - 1991                                                         Look Mom No Head
                                          also came in long sleeves                                                                      U.S. Tour - 1992
                              Monster Bash                           Off The Bone              Can Your Pussy Do The Dog?      Sado County Auto Show
                                  unofficial                                   unofficial                    baseball cut (half-sleeves) -   A favorite of mine-official
                                                 Stay Sick! Tour - 1989                                    Tales From The Cramps                    Voodoo Idols
                                                                                                                                 unofficial                                          unofficial
                   Issued with fake Cramps box set. Claims LOTC affiliation,                                   Vengeance Records
                         but that is false. Actually long-sleeved - unofficial                           Another favorite of mine - glows in the dark
                       Sometimes Good Guys                                      Stay Sick! Tour 1990                                   bleached hand-painted t-shirt
                  Don't Wear White -unofficial                                                                                                                        unofficial                             
                               Flamejob Tour                                                  Cruel & Unusual                                              Hootenanny 2004
                                                                                                            Fall Tour 1999
                                                  Stay Sick! - Enigma                                                              Can Your Pussy Do The Dog?
                                                                                                                                                            Official, I think...
                                      Red She Devil                         Skull                                  Smell of Female                Little Ghouls
                                          Official                        Psychedelic Jungle                          unofficial                     HTMAM Tour

                                                                       I WANT THIS SHIRT!!!!                                                         mail order insert
                    Bad Music For Bad People           Teenage Werewolf                Garbageman single logo               Skull & Candles
                              unofficial                                      unofficial                                  unofficial                                    unofficial
                                      White Gothic logo                                                UK 2003 Tour                                   White She Devil Girlie
                                                     Let's Whoop It Up                                  Can Your Pussy Do The Dog?             Smell of Female
                 Can Your Pussy Do The Dog?             Stay Sick Tour                                         Stay Sick Tour front & back
                                  Very cool                             Smell of Female                    Very early tour shirt
                   A Date With Elvis Tour shirt
                              I want this shirt! 
                          Born Bad knockoff                                              Stay Sick! Tour                                        Another Born Bad knockoff
                                         Subwire Desire fanzine exclusive                                                          Handmade shirts
                                               A Date With Elvis Tour                                                                    Stay Sick! Tour
                                                                                                                                 New Year's Party                         Flamejob Tour
                                                                                 All Very Cool probably unofficial shirts
                                       More cool, probably unoffial shirts


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